Fire Extinguisher Suitable for use in Warehouses

In most warehouses there will be large amounts of packaging and the possibility of some electrical equipment. As warehouses are usually larger areas than most rooms it is usually recommended to install larger extinguishers to cover more space.

1. Electrical Risks - CO2 Fire Extinguishers

Most warehouses contain an assortment of fire risks such as computers, electrical appliances, packaging materials and cleaning materials.

Fire Classifications

Class B - Suitable for flammable liquids such as petrol and oil, these materials are often found in warehouses in the form of machine lubricants, cleaning materials, paints and solvents and fuel.
Electrical - Suitable for use on electrical fires such as computers and printers which are often found in warehouse packaging bays. Also suitable to use on things such as electrical heaters and lighting.


CO2 does not conduct electricity and is a clean extinguisher agent which leaves behind no harmful residue.


CO2 is an asphyxiant if used in confined spaces and cannot be used on solid fuel fires such as wood, paper or textile.

General Risks - Foam Fire Extinguishers

Warehouses traditionally have the potential of larger fires and possibly larger volumes of flammable materials.

Fire Classifications

Class A - Suitable for solid combustible materials such as wood and textiles, these materials are often found in adjoining rooms and areas.
Class B - Suitable for flammable liquids such as petrol and oil, these materials are often found in adjoining rooms and areas.


Foam has the highest ratings against class A and B fires of all extinguishers suitable for use indoors.

Most foam extinguishers are also safe to use on electrical fires (following the manufacturer's guidance).


The clean-up requirement of foam is greater than that of CO2 or traditional water extinguishers.

If the extinguisher has not passed the electrical conductivity test they shouldn't be used on electrical fires.

General Risks / Vehicles- Powder Fire Extinguishers

If the warehouse has a loading bay etc. where vehicles would stop a powder extinguisher could be used to cover potential vehicle related fires.

Fire Classifications

Powder fire extinguisher are suitable for use on class A, B, C and Electrical risks and are ideal for protecting warehouse areas.


Powder fire extinguisher are the most versatile of all the extinguisher types and can be used on burning solids, liquids, gas and electrical fires.

Powder extinguishers are ideal for use in warehouse areas as they provide an all-round cover.


Powder fire extinguishers do not prevent re-ignition after the fire has been doused.

Powder should not be used indoors unless necessary to cover a specific fire risk with it being potentially suffocating and harmful to users in confined spaces and leaving a large clean-up.