Service-Free Fire Extinguishers

In 2012 the British Standards Institute issued a kitemark, the most prestigious certification in the UK to a new generation of fire extinguishers which require no annual service by an extinguisher engineer. Instead, these extinguishers, called Britannia P50, only have to be visually inspected by the end user once a year. This process takes only seconds.

P50's are available as foam, powder, and wet chemical units, and for a guaranteed period of ten years. No spares or refills are required, making them the most cost effective and environmentally friendly fire extinguisher available.

It is recommended that you have your service-free unit installed by a BAFE company as they should provide you with a site survey (this should be free of charge) to ensure your extinguishers are adequate in your premises. The company should also provide you with a small training session on how you can inspect your unit to ensure that it is still operational. The make-up of the Britannia P50 can be seen below.

Stainless steel handle and pin

High quality stainless steel has been used to construct the Fireworld extinguisher handles, fixings and pins, helping to maintain strength in the unit and to prevent corrosion.

Dual pressure gauges

The P50 extinguishers have been fitted with a dual pressure gauges. This allows cross-verification of the pressure readings with a second gauge. The needle of the primary gauge (on the front) can be moved using a magnet to ensure that the needle is not stuck and that the gauge is fully functional.

Super strong Aramid inner core

Aramid is one of the toughest fibres known to man, used to create bulletproof vests and fire retardant gloves. Scores of spun aramid layers on a 5-layered inner chemical container create an inner core of the P50 extinguisher of incredible strength and durability which can never corrode.

One in every 500 P50 extinguishers is tested by pressurising it 12,000 times to 25 bar before crushing it flat with a blade. After this cycle and crush test the extinguishers are pressurised to over 55 bar and are not allowed to burst or leak.

Fire retardant, UV protected polyethelene outer body

The polyethelene shell protects the P50 extinguisher's aramid core from UV (ultraviolet light) and offers fire resistance.